Southern Pacific’s Shasta Division Archives were saved and protected by Dunsmuir residents John Signor, Jerry Harmon and Bruce Petty.  These archives have become a part of the Dunsmuir Museum and are accessible to the public by appointment.

The Shasta Division files dealt with the historic development of the Shasta Division and its Dunsmuir headquarters, the communities and lands along the tracks of the Shasta Division.  Many of these files give valuable insight of the “what, why and how” of Dunsmuir’s being what it was.

This past year the Shasta Division Archives volunteers have scanned, filed and indexed 2183 images, including B&W negatives, 35 mm slides and 2.5×2.5 slides; scanned 59 maps or drawings; sorted by station name/type, filed and indexed 1002 drawings/maps; have chronologically sorted and filed 18.3 linear feet of Station files (currently sorter is at Murphy Station and just about half way through the Station files); and sorted by name/mile post/chronologically and filed 4.5 linear feet of Bridge/Crossing files.

Also, six in person inquires were handled, one dealing with ancestors, and the rest railroad locations/details and three e-mail/phone inquires dealing with railroad locations/details.

These archives will continue to be a valuable asset to those who do railroad history, those who model railroads, and those interested in Dunsmuir and Siskiyou County history.  For additional information, contact


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Location 5750 Sacramento Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025 Phone (530) 235-0839 Hours Open Every 1st and 3rd Saturday, Apr - Oct
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