Pie Social

The Pie Social (2009 – present) is ever popular with pies sold out! Get out your favorite pie recipes and share them by volunteering for our biggest fundraiser.

Pie Social this May 28th 2016, beginning at 10 a.m. and until sold out

IMG_1791The Dunsmuir Railroad Depot Historical Society’s 8th Annual Pie Social is a special town event, and will be held May 28th at the Dunsmuir Museum on Sacramento Avenue.  How did this come about? Who is the Pie Lady? How has it grown? How can you donate your pie(s)?

Pie Socials are an American tradition! Just Google “Pie Social” and you’ll find town’s all over America holding their own pie event. And that’s what Phyllis Skalko, our Pie Lady, did in 2009 and that was the beginning of the Depot Society’s Pie Social event.

During Dunsmuir’s Railroad Days 2009, the Depot Society’s 1st Pie Social had 26 women baking and donating 46 pies; in fact, we ran out of pies!

The 2010 2nd Annual Pie Social became part of the town’s Dogwood Daze event.  That year 42 bakers donated 118 pies; sold out!

More of our pie stats…

  • 2011 3rd Annual, 51 bakers, 129 pies; 3 pieces left.
  • 2012 4thAnnual, 71 bakers, 161 pies; sold out!
  • 2013 5th Annual, 73 bakers, 49 kinds of 172 pies; sold out!
  • 2014 6th Annual, 71 bakers, 43 kinds of 190 pies; sold out!
  • 2015 7th Annual, 85 bakers, 48 kinds of 175 pies; sold out!

In 2014, two Dunsmuir gals committed to bake 20 pies, came with 28 pies and said, “We just couldn’t stop making pies!”

All our pie bakers receive a “Pie Maker” ribbon each year and the heartfelt thanks from the Depot Society.   The Pie Social supports the Depot’s efforts in maintaining the Dunsmuir Amtrak Depot (the only Siskiyou stop) and the Dunsmuir Museum.

The success of our Pie Social is due to our great Pie Makers, the Pie Gals in the bakery, the Pie Set-Up Guys (tents, bakery cases, tables, coffee and so much more) and our Pie Lady, Phyllis Skalko.

Want to donate a pie(s)?  Please call Phyllis at (530) 235-0839 and she’ll add you to her list of pie bakers for this year’s 8th Annual Pie Social!


Come for pies, pies and more pies May 28th in Dunsmuir!



Look at photos of our past events!

7th Annual Pie Social

We had a successful  7th Annual Pie Social during the May Dogwood Daze! 85 bakers donated 48(!) kinds of pies for a total of 175 pies.  The pies sold out and the bakery tents taken down by 3 p.m. Each pie baker was given a Pie Social ’15 ribbon, and the Depot Society’s many, many thanks.

Thanks, too, to our bakery gals, pie runners, great set-up and take down crews!  You make it a successful event to benefit the continued maintenance of the Dunsmuir Amtrak Depot and the Dunsmuir Museum.

Click any image below to view full-size photo gallery:

Previous events:

6th Annual Pie Social

5th Annual Pie Social



2 thoughts on “Pie Social

  1. Just need to share…we went to Dunsmuir Dogwood Daze and it was so much fun! Stayed at Castle Crags, visited all of the local places, but SO enjoyed the special time in Dunsmuir! Of course we HAD to go get some pie – and my husband and I ended up buying a whole pie – with six different flavorings! Since no one in our family enjoys mincemeat, I don’t often get one of my “favorites”. However, I tried Bill Trenton’s mincemeat pie over Memorial Day weekend and was wishing I had bought the whole thing – it was THAT good! OMGoodness, all the varieties, all of the quality, talent and skill – we enjoyed it all and hope to be in Dunsmuir during Dogwood Daze again! And of course – more pie!! 🙂

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