Raffle Fundraiser

Each year, we raffled off donated prizes and quilts to help fund the ongoing maintenance of the Depot, Display Room and the re-establishment of the Dunsmuir Museum (2010-2019). Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Dunsmuir Museum.

Past Year Prizes & Winners

2018 – Quilt – Ken Armstrong of OR

Thank you to Shasta Lily Guild member Bev Loper for donating the lovely quilt!

2017 – Bird’s Nest Quilt

WINNER: Melanie Brannigan of Dunsmuir


“Cherries” QuiltIMG_6235

WINNER: Rhian Morris of Dunsmuir

“Trains in the Canyon” Quilt

WINNER: M. Van Cleve of New Mexico


WINNER: Myrna Dupyzk

  • “Gypsy Rose” Quilt

gypsy rose quilt photo

WINNER: Sue Alameda

  • “Norman Rockwell Fishing” Quilt

norman rockwell fishing quilt    norman rockwell quilt closeup

WINNER: Dave Fischer


  • Two Coast Starlight Tickets
    • GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Chuck Di Prima of Anderson and Dunsmuir
  • “Fly-fishing Guys” Quilt                                                             quilt

  WINNER: Congrats to 4-year old Jade of Weed who won the quilt with a ticket her Grandma bought for her!


  •  “Mystery” Quilt
    • WINNER: Kit Bradford of Dunsmuir

Many thanks to all who participated! Proceeds will help the continued maintenance of the Amtrak Depot (the only Siskiyou County stop) and the Dunsmuir Museum.


  • Two Coast Starlight Tickets
  • “Aunt Grace’s 30’s” Quilt
  • “Trout in the River” Quilt


  • Two Coast Starlight Tickets
  • “Bed of Roses and Ohio Star” Quilt
  • “The Train” Quilt
Location 5750 Sacramento Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025 Phone (530) 235-0839 Hours Open Every 1st and 3rd Saturday, Apr - Oct
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