Dunsmuir Museum

IMG_3980The Dunsmuir Railroad Depot Historical Society has been working to re-establish the Dunsmuir Museum adjacent to the Railroad Display Room at the Amtrak Depot on Sacramento Avenue.

Four rooms have been prepared by the Depot Society members and the Dunsmuir High School Seniors.  The old Museum archives have been cataloged and data entered to enable us to achieve our Mission Statement.

The original Museum sign was turned over to the Depot Society and has been refurbished.


The museum features display panels of the first settlers, Native American Indians, the Alexander Dunsmuir story, Dunsmuir town/site names and Dunsmuir railroad facilities.

museum walls

The public is encourage to donate or loan Dunsmuir-related items to further preserve the history of the town.  Please call Phyllis Skalko at (530) 235-0839.

Museum membership is $10 per year.  Folks can send their membership check to the Depot Society, P O Box 324, Dunsmuir CA 96025.