April 2015 Dunsmuir Depot News

The Dunsmuir Museum and its Railroad Display Room will reopen April 18th from 10am-2pm!IMG_1641 The Depot’s bathroom has a new sink to replace the old one. We are looking to have roof repairs done due to many water leaks. The Yreka Goodwill folks visited the Museum in February; they enjoyed seeing the crew change that morning too. For your information, the 2014 Dunsmuir Amtrak ridership was 5,892 with annual station revenue of $367,994.

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2015 Events

April 18th   Dunsmuir Museum reopens, 10am-2pm. Town’s history, Native American Basket Collection and extensive arrowhead collection featured.

April 25th   Fishing Season Opening, see the Museum’s “Golden Era of Fishing” exhibit during our open hours of  10 AM to 2PM.

May 9th       National Train Day   Cancelled – see below for AMTRAK’S new event

May 23rd   7th Annual Pie Social, 10 AM until pies are sold out at the AMTRAK Depot Parking lot. We had 190 donated pies last year. Call Phyllis at 530-235-0839 to donate your pie(s).

June 12th-14th Railroad Days, The Museum will be open 10am-4pm. The Depot Society is sponsoring the Amtrak Exhibit Train as one of the first cities to celebrate AMTRAK’s NEW EVENTAMTRAK TRAIN DAY during our annual Dunsmuir RAILROAD DAYS. The Exhibit Train will be open only on June 13th from 10 AM to 4 PM.   Come and learn about Amtrak’s history and its future. Amtrak asks, “Can you hear the sound of a whistle?”  That’s the Amtrak Exhibit Train traveling to communities across the country.  The Exhibit Train is the cornerstone of Amtrak’s community outreach program, welcoming visitors to climb aboard and tour a free exhibit.  Displays include vintage advertising, past menus and dinnerware, period uniforms, photographs, and other items of memorabilia from Amtrak’s creation in 1971 to a model of today’s modern-sleeping accommodations and high-speed rail service displays.  Interactive displays include railroad horns, trivia questions, workable signals and an engineer’s stand.



July 18th Annual Raffle Fundraiser – Ticket Drawings at 1:30pm.   Grand prize is “Enjoy Dunsmuir” for one night stay (for 2) in a Railroad Park Resort Caboose and gift certificate at their Dinner House & Lounge and gift certificates at the Cornerstone Bakery & Café and Sengthong’s. Also being raffled are a Gypsy Rose Quilt and a Norman Rockwell Fishing quilt. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. Please send your check with ticket stubs, name and phone number to: P O Box 324, Dunsmuir 96025. Winners need not be present to win. Thanks to our Dunsmuir business owners and quilters for their donations.

October 10th Art Walk – The Museum and Display Room will be open from 2PM – 5PM and will feature local artists. Refreshments will be served.

Please note that the Mount Shasta Sisson Museum has a “Railroading ‘Round the Mountain” exhibit that began March 14th.   Check their website for additional details.

We look forward to seeing you at the Museum, and thank you for your continued support of the Dunsmuir Museum and the Dunsmuir Depot! 

The Dunsmuir Railroad Depot Historical Society


Pies at the Dunsmuir Museum / Depot May 23rd


The Dunsmuir Railroad Depot Historical Society’s will hold its 7th Annual Pie Social May 23rd at the Amtrak Depot on Sacramento Avenue.

Pies, pies and more pies will be sold beginning at 10 a.m. and continue until the pies are sold out. Last year 71 wonderful pie bakers from 15 cities baked/donated 43 different pies totaling 191 pies!  They received a Pie Makers Ribbon in appreciation with the Depot Society’s thanks. If you would like to donate your favorite pies(s) this year, please call Phyllis Skalko, the Pie Lady, at 530-235-0839. Proceeds support the continued maintenance of the Dunsmuir Amtrak Depot (Siskiyou County’s only Amtrak stop) and the Dunsmuir Museum.

Dunsmuir RR Depot Historical Society Looks Back and Ahead to 2015

On May 3rd the Dunsmuir Railroad Depot Historical Society was pleased to formerly re-open the Dunsmuir Museum.  The display panels tell the story of the local Indian era, the Dunsmuir Family, the Dunsmuir railroad sites and facilities, the arrival of the diesel locomotives, and Railroad Days buttons.  The Museum now includes the Elinore Van Fossen Harrison Native American Basket Collection, the “Golden Era of Fishing” as well as the Railroad Display Room.  The Shasta Archives folks have organized original field survey and bridge inspection books, etc.  680 negatives and photos have been scanned and identified as to location, railroad mile post; they advise only 6-7000 left to do.

The Museum was also open the third Saturday monthly and for town events.  It is now closed through March 2015 for the winter months.  Visit us here online for the latest information.


The 2014 events included the May 10th National Train Day, our May 24th 6th Annual PIE SOCIAL (71 bakers donated 190 pies), the June Dunsmuir Hometown Heritage Celebration (over 200 visitors), our July Depot Ticket Drawing (for 2 Coast Starlight tickets and 2 Quilts), and the October Art Walk. Depot member and local resident Joseph Vella has painted a mural of  the #1727 Locomotive on the Museum wall.

In October, two Dogwood trees donated by family and friends were planted overlooking the rail yard to honor Past Presidents Rita Green and Anthony [Tony] Skalko.  The City Manager, the Mayor and family members spoke at the dedication.

Folks are asked to mark their 2015 calendars for:

Apr 18th – DUNSMUIR MUSEUM reopens

May 9th – National Train Day

May 23rd – 7th Annual PIE SOCIAL at the Depot

June 13-14 – RAILROAD DAYS

July 18th – Depot Ticket Drawings

October 10th – Art Walk

The Depot Society asks the public to ride its Membership “Train.”  Depot membership is $10 and Museum membership is $10.  Checks may be sent to the Depot Society, PO Box 324, Dunsmuir CA 96025.  All donations are welcomed and appreciated.

All Depot fund-raisers provide for the continued maintenance of the Amtrak Depot (the only Siskiyou County stop), the Dunsmuir Museum and its Railroad Display Room.

The Depot Society thanks its members and the public for their continued support.  See you at the Dunsmuir Museum!

November Newsletter

November/December 2014 – Time to Renew Your Memberships

The Dunsmuir Railroad Depot Historical Society’s Dunsmuir Museum and its Railroad Display Room have closed for the winter months; they will reopen April 2015. Be sure to visit us on line for the latest information.

We are saddened by the passing of Anthony Skalko, Depot Society President. Tony attended one of the very first meetings to save the Dunsmuir Amtrak Depot.   His leadership was filled with work and enthusiasm for the Dunsmuir Depot and Museum, the Depot Society, and especially the town of Dunsmuir. He will be missed.

2014 Events

May 3rd was the Grand Opening of the Dunsmuir Museum with a ribbon cutting. The Museum tells the story of the Native Americans, the coming of the railroad, the establishment of the town and the railroad facilities. Of special interest is the Elinore Van Fossen Harrison Native American Basket Collection donated to the Museum. A 1950-1963 arrowhead collection on display was loaned by the Dennis Family. The “Golden Era of Fishing” exhibit is also featured.

May 10thNational Train Day was celebrated nationwide to commemorate train service. We were open and children were given paper Amtrak hats and coloring books.

May 24th   6th Annual Pie Social during Dogwood Daze had 71 pie bakers donating 43 different pies (total 190) from 15 cities; we were sold out by 1:30 pm. Thanks to the pie bakers, the crew, and pie lovers.

June 13-15 was Dunsmuir Hometown Heritage Celebration. We had over 200 visitors at the Museum and Railroad Display Room.

June/July   Dunsmuir’s Pat O’Connor brought two “A Boxcar Children Adventure” Road Scholar tour groups to the Depot. The children and their grandparents toured the Dunsmuir Museum and were treated to a crew change/freight train stop at the Depot. Train coloring books and Conductor hats were given to the children.

July 19th Depot Ticket Drawings saw Chuck DiPrima of Anderson and Dunsmuir winning the two Coast Starlight tickets, Kit Bradford of Dunsmuir won the “Mystery Quilt”, and Jade Scysen of Weed won the “Fly-fishing Guys Quilt” with a ticket bought by her Grandmother! Thanks to all who participated in our drawings.

October 11th – Two Dogwood trees, donated by family and friends, were planted overlooking the rail yard to honor Past Presidents Rita Green and Anthony Skalko. City Manager Allan Harvey and Mayor Dave Kiesler spoke at the dedication. See enclosed news article.

October 18th Art Walk – The Museum and Railroad Display Room were open for the town event. Depot member and local artist, Joseph Vella, was featured. Joe painted the 12’ mural of #1727 Locomotive on the Museum wall. Thanks to Joe, Mario Rubino and Steve Rice for their good works. The mural is stunning! See enclosed photo.

DUNSMUIR MUSEUM – The Museum and the Railroad Display Room exhibits have been completed. Future exhibits will be worked on. The Shasta Archives folks have worked on a regular basis this summer. The original field survey books, bridge inspection books and other books are now shelved. Flat files now house maps and plans originally stored in boxes. 680 negatives and photos have been scanned and identified as to location, railroad mile post, only 6 to 7000 left to do.


April 18th – Museum reopens for the year

May 9th – National Train Day

May 23rd – 7th Annual Pie Social

June 13-14 – Railroad Days

July 18th – Depot Ticket Drawings

October 10th – Art Walk

We are looking for Museum Docents as we would like to open the Museum the first and third Saturdays monthly. That’s only 14 times a year – hours 10 am to 2 pm.   Please call 235-0839 to indicate your interest. Come to learn about your town, and we can learn about your Dunsmuir history too. We will have a Docent Training Day in spring so call now and leave your number and we will contact you with a date, time and place.

MEMBERSHIP – Dues are due for 2015. Your $10 Depot membership check and your $10 Museum membership check may be sent to the Depot Society, P O Box 324, Dunsmuir CA 96025. Please fill out the enclosed Membership/Donation form so we know how you want your donation applied. Should you wish to receive your Depot newsletter electronically, add your email address or email dunsmuirdepot@gmail.com.  All donations are welcome.

Your memberships continue the maintenance of the Dunsmuir Depot, the Dunsmuir Museum and its Railroad Display Room. Thank you once again for your continued support.

The Dunsmuir Railroad Depot Historical Society